Body Contouring for Loose or Saggy Skin

Oh, the joys of aging: Aching joints, sun spots and wrinkles, and loose, saggy skin, to name a few. While you may not be able to escape the aging process, you can take action against its uninvited effects. Dr. Niki Patel, a board-certified internal medicine physician, and the team at Patel Aesthetics in the Bronx and Suffern, New York, offer the latest antiaging technologies and treatments. He discusses the latest in body contouring treatments as your best defense against loose, saggy skin.

Why does my skin have to sag?

It hardly seems fair that as part of the natural aging process, your body produces less collagen and elastin — the elements that keep your skin firm and supple throughout your younger years. Furthermore, as you age, some of the fat beneath your skin diminishes, so your skin loses volume and appears looser than it once was.

Over the years, the sun’s ultraviolet rays also break down existing collagen and elastin fibers in the deeper layers of your skin. When these layers break down, your skin has less of a support structure, so it loses strength and flexibility and begins to sag. This can happen all over your body, but most often in areas like your face, arms, belly, legs, and other areas that start to jiggle when you walk or wave.

Excessive weight gain and loss also contribute to the appearance of loose, saggy skin. Weight gain weakens or breaks the elastin fibers beneath your skin’s surface, so when you lose weight, your skin is unable to return to its original shape. It’s like stretching a rubber band so far that it’s unable to return to its original smaller size.

Losing muscle mass (also a fun side effect of the aging process) contributes to loss of skin tone also.

Finally, it could be in your genes. Genetics play a part in sagging skin, too. That’s why some adults look younger than their peers, while others show the visible signs of aging at an earlier age.

Does nonsurgical body contouring really tighten loose, saggy skin?

Fortunately, body contouring with the latest radiofrequency (RF) technology, like the treatment system Dr. Patel offers to his patients, is highly effective at firming loose, saggy skin. The Venus Legacy™ body contouring system smoothes and firms sagging skin, breaks down fat, and boosts collagen production. And, it’s nonsurgical with no downtime!

The Venus Legacy system uses multipolar RF and pulsed electromagnetic fields to heat the tissue under the surface of your skin. As it does, it naturally promotes new collagen and elastin production at the same time that it shrinks fat cells in a particular area. Essentially, it repairs the underlying cause of your sagging skin by helping to preserve and regenerate its underlying support structure.

Simultaneously, VariPulse™, an adjustable pulsed suction, pulls your skin gently upward to allow the RF energy to penetrate even more deeply. It also keeps your skin comfortable while being highly effective in smoothing and firming areas of loose skin. The procedure is safe and relaxing, and treatment typically takes just about 30 minutes. So many benefits; so little time.

Cumulative, long-lasting results

Another great benefit of Venus Legacy body contouring treatments is that they are cumulative and long-lasting. Dr. Patel and the aesthetic team design a treatment plan based on your needs, and many patients undergo a series of sessions for the most desirable outcome. After each treatment — typically 6-8 sessions per area spaced a week apart — your body will continue to generate new collagen and elastin, so you’ll see an improvement in your skin’s tone and firmness up to 3-4 months after your last session.

Beyond that, if you notice the signs of aging, sagging skin begin to reappear, you can come in for a touch-up treatment every few months, or as you desire. Treatments are painless, quick, effective, and the results speak for themselves. Your body appears slimmer, your skin is firmer, and cellulite disappears, too — all from a painless, noninvasive, in-office procedure.

Aging may be inevitable, but fortunately, with this kind of technology, you can outsmart some of the negative effects. Let your inner, younger self shine through your refreshed outer appearance with body contouring at Patel Aesthetics.

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